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National Culture Fund



Mrs. Androulla VASSILIOU, Member of the European Commission, Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism, Youth and Sports




Dr. RÉTHELYI Miklós, Minister, Ministry of National Resources
Prof. Dr. PÁLINKÁS József, President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences



Prof. Dr. BITTER István, Director of the Clinic of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of the University Semmelweis




Dr. BAGDY, Emőke, university professor, prof. emer., Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary, Institute of Psychology
Dr. BARTOS, Éva, director of the Library Institution of the National Széchényi Library, bibliotherapist
Dr. BATTA, András, rector of the Liszt Ferenc University of Music, Budapest
BÖJTE, Csaba, OFM, founder of the St. Francis Foundation, Deva, Romania
Dr. CSISZÉR, Nóra, awarded the Batthány-Strattmann Prize, psychiatrist, neurologist, psychotherapist, retired head of Department of the Crisis-Intervention and Psychiatry of the Hospital Sándor Péterfy

dr. EDVI, Péter, president of the Hungarian Hippotherapy Alliance and president of the International Child Rescue Foundation

GILBERT, P. Guy, Chevalier of the Légion d’Honneur, Director of the Association Père Guy Gilbert, Bergerie de Faucon, France
Dr. HARMATTA, János, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, Head of the Department of Psychiatry at the Tündérhegy Institute, Budapest
Dr. HÁSZ, Erzsébet, cand. med., historian of literature, writer, leading teacher of biblio-music-art therapy, founder head of the bibliotherapy minor of the Pázmány Péter Catholic University’s Faculty of Humanities
Dr. JELENITS, István OSchP, awarded the Eötvös and Széchenyi Prize, writer, founder head of the Esthetical Institute of the Péter Pázmány Catholic University’s Faculty of Humanities
JÓKAI, Anna, writer and poet, awarded the Kossuth Prize and the Attila József Prize, Chairman of the Hungarian Writers’ Association, founder of the Digital Literary Academy
Dr. DDr. hc KASPER, Siegfried, university professor, psychiatrist, Director of Medizinische Universität Wien, Universitätsklinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie, Vienna, Austria
KOCSIS, Zoltán, awarded the Kossuth Prize and the Ferenc Liszt Prize, pianist, conductor and composer, Chief Musical Director of the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra
KONOK, Tamás, painter, awarded the Kossuth Prize, Paris, France
Dr. KURIMAY, Tamás, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, addictologist, President of the Hungarian Psychiatric Society, head of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychiatric Rehabilitation at the St. János Hospital
LAQUIÈZE, François, Head of the Institut Français, Budapest
Dr. LEITNER, Sándor, DLA, painter, awarded the Vaszary Prize, graphic artist, teacher, awarded Apáczai Csere János Prize, university professor in University of Kaposvár, Faculty of Arts
Dr. MAGYARI-BECK, István, professor emeritus, creatologist, Honorary President of the International Society of Creatology, Riga
Dr. MENZEN, Karl, prof. habil., University of Arts Therapies, Nürtingen, Germany
Prof. emeritus MORENO, Joseph, Music Therapy at Maryville University, Director of the Moreno Institute for Creative Arts Therapies

MEZEY, Katalin, writer, poet, awarded the József Attila Prize, chief secretery of the Writers' Foundation
Dr. NAGY, Attila, psychologist, sociologist, researcher on reading, chief advisor to the National Széchényi Library, Founding President of the Hungarian Reading Society
PERCZEL FORINTOS, Dóra, head of the Institute of Clinical Psychology of The Semmelweis Medical School
Dr. SÁSDI, Antal, internist, director general of Péterfy Sándor Hospital-Clinic and Trauma Center of the Capital
Dr. SCHMIDLIN, Serge, Director of the Audio Consulting Institute, Switzerland, expert of high fidelity and high end

Dr. SIMON, Lajos, president of the Foundation Moravcsik, university reader at the Department of the Clinic of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of the University Semmelweis

Dr. SIPOS, Lajos, professor emeritus, Institute of Literature of Péter Pázmány Catholic University’s Faculty of Arts, President of the Hungarian Literary History Association
SZENTMÁRTONI, János, poet, awarded the József Attila Prize, head of the Hungarian Writers’ Association
Dr. SZILÁGYI, Simon, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, Head of the Department of Crisis-Intervention and Psychiatry of the Sándor Péterfy Hospital
hc. Dr. DDr. VÁSÁRY, Tamás, pianist and conductor, awarded the Kossuth Prize
Dr. VIZI, János, dr. med. et. dr. jur., psychiatrist, clinical pharmacologist




BARANYAI, Szilvia, teacher, congress coordinator of the Hungarian National Arts Therapies Association
BOHANEK, Miklós, photographer, congress coordinator
CSIZMADIA, Noémi, coordinator of the Congress of the Hungarian National Arts Therapies Association
Dr. HÁSZ, Erzsébet, chief secretary of the Organizing Committee, president of the Hungarian National Arts Therapies Association
KEMÉNY, Ferenc, Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Humanities, assistant professor
KÖVES, Tamás, director of Meeting Budapest Conference and Event Organizer Ltd.
NEDECZKY, Ildikó, head of the sport therapy section of the Hungarian National Arts Therapies Association
VINCZE, Anett, clinical psychologist, art therapist, congress coordinator, University of Kaposvár



Registration fee
                       BEFORE 30 April 2011                 AFTER 30 April 2011
Participant       375.-EUR /465.-USD                 450.-EUR /560.-USD
Accompanying  80.-EUR /100.-USD                   80.-EUR /100.-USD


Participant’s fee includes
- participation in the Scientific Programmes,
- badge,
- congress documents (Book of abstracts and Proceedings on CD-rom),
- list of participants,
- invitation to the Welcome Reception,
- 8 coffee and refreshment tickets,
- 25 % VAT.

Accompanying Person's Fee Includes
- invitation to the Welcome Reception,
- badge,
- participation in the Budapest sightseeing program.






Sunday, August 28 2011 Program
11.00  MORENO, Joseph - pre-workshop* (under separate check-in; max. attendance: 40)
19.00  KONOK, Tamás - vernissage
19.30  VÁSÁRY, Tamás - concert
20.30 Gala opening of the congress


Monday, August 29 2011 Program 
 9.00 - 9.45 Official opening of the Congress 
10.00-13.00 Opening Plenary Session – Art and Culture History and Arts Therapies 
13.00-14.30 Lunch break 
14.30-15.50  Sessions of Bibliotherapy, Complex therapies, Music therapy
15.50-16.10 Coffee break
16.10-18.30 Sessions of Arts, Applied Arts Therapies, Dramatherapy, Equine Assisted Therapy


Tuesday, August 30 2011 Program Sessions
  9.00 - 11.00 Sessions of Music therapy, Bibliotherapy, Arts, Applied Arts and Design Therapies
11.00-11.20 Coffee break
11.20-13.00 Sessions of Equine Assisted, Sport, Dance, Plays, Action and Movement Therapies
13.00-14.30 Lunch break
14.30-16.10 Sessions of Drama Therapy, Music Therapy; Art and Culture History and Arts Therapies
16.10-16.30 Coffee break
16.30-18.50 Sessions of Complex therapies; Arts, Applied Arts and Design Therapies


Wednesday, August 31 2011 Program 
  9.00-11.00 Sessions of Dance Therapy, Art and Culture History and Arts Therapies, Bibliotherapy, and Arts, Applied Arts and Design Therapies
11.00-11.20 Coffee break
11.20-14.30 Sessions of Arts, Applied Arts and Design Therapies, Bibliotherapy, Complex Therapies
14.30-15.00 Closing of the Congress, Plenary Session

*Professor Moreno’s pre-workshop is scheduled for the first day of the congress with a maximum attendance limit of 40 professionals. If you wish to attend, please notify Meeting Ltd. by email ahead of time to reserve your seat for this event.




BORSOTHY-GAÁL Edit (Hungary): The suicide as incapability of love - in the wake of Erich Fromm
BÖJTE Csaba (Romania): Folk art elements in the pedagogical methods for treatment of battered and disprivileged children
CSISZÉR Nóra SZILÁGYI Simon (Hungary): Arts Therapies in the Field of crisis-intervention
FARKAS, Luca, MÁTÉ, Mónika, SZERTICS, Péter, MAKOLDI, Ágnes (Hungary): Art therapy as a psychoterapeutic option for adolescent patients
GLADYSZEWSKA-CYLULKO, Joanna (Poland): Arts therapies: identity - interdisciplinarity – transgression
HEGYI Nóra (Hungary): Application of Art Therapies among Children with Special Educational Needs
KENÉZLŐI, Eszter, SKALICZKY, Dávid, LABANCZ, Dániel, TÓTH, Andrea, PÓSA, Gabriella, GÁDOROS, Júlia (Hungary): "Amber" – Adventure Therapy Department at Vadaskert Hospital in Hungary, Budapest
LIPADATOVA, Olga (Canada): Art and Culture, History and Arts Therapies
MAGYARI-BECK István (Hungary): Spontaneous Therapies – part two
MOHÁS Lívia (Hungary): The Danger Zones of Creativity
MOLNÁR Éva (Hungary): Art therapy in the psychiatric occupational therapy
NIKONOVA, Antonina (Russia): Experiences gained from the application of arts therapies in the education programmes of St. Petersburg's museums
PERCZEL FORINTOS Dóra (Hungary): Psychic effects of prayer and meditation
ROZSOS Kata (Hungary): About the Scholarship of Victor Göllesz
SHILO, Tamar (Israel): Experience of arts therapists and teachers regarding the professionalization of arts therapies
SIPOS Lajos (Hungary):  The mediating literary works offers methods for interpretation and personality development
SZŰCS Olga (Hungary): Aesthetic Contexts of Mental Health



BÁNKUTI Eszter, BARANYAI Szilvia, HÁSZ Erzsébet, PÁSZTOR László (Hungary): e-bibliotherapy
BORSIK MIKLÓSNÉ SUDÁR Zsuzsanna (Hungary): The Hungarian Pioneer of the Bibliotherapy: Dr. Andor Oláh
CSISZÉR, Nóra, HÁSZ Erzsébet (Hungary): The relationship between bibliotherapy and compliance
DJEDOVIC, Vahida (Bosnia-Herzegovina): The Positive Characteristics of Bibliotherapy
GILBERT Edit (Hungary): Activation of reading experience of involved non-professionals
HÁSZ Erzsébet (Hungary): About the professionalization in the field of bibliotherapy
JELENITS, István (Hungary): Why is it good for an aesthete if he has an insight into the literary value of the in the bibliotherapy applied texts and why is it good for a therapist if he is knowledgeable about aesthetic values of the applied literary works?
JENEY, Éva (Hungary): Bibliotherapy and Literary Theory
JÓKAI, Anna (Hungary): Soul and literature
KOMONDI, László, EÖRDÖGH Zsófia (Hungary): Ten years in the field of bibliotherapy
KOVÁCS, Zsuzsanna (Hungary): Guilt and forgiveness: Bibliotherapy in the issue of guilt with prison inmates
MARCIANO, Gabriele (Italy): The poetic prism: Poetic practice for groups in art-therapy
MEDVECZKINÉ TEGZES, Tünde (Hungary): Poetry/bibliotherapy groupwork in a nursing home in Budapest
PAPP, Ágnes (Hungary): Bibliotherapy from the perspective of narratology
RUSZTHY, Geraldine, ASZTALOS-VARGA, Csilla (Hungary): Being torn from the family
SÁMI, Judit (Ireland): Self-help and creative bibliotherapy in Ireland
SZILÁGYI, Simon (Hungary): Psychoeducation, or the Illness and Its Treatment as Subject-Matter for the Patient to Learn
WANG, Ching-huang (Taiwan): The role of the reading in the stress resolving
WANG,Ching-huang (Taiwan): Reading to relieve emotional difficulties



BALKAY László (Hungary): The mirror of our soul
HATVANI Andrea (Hungary): Dramatists in the face of their dialogues.
MICOCCI, Silvia (Italy): The therapeutic role of the work with clay
RUGGIERI, Vezio (Italy): Psychophysiological working on postural attitudes in Euripides' Bacchantes
SELESKOVIC, Samira (Bosnia-Herzegovina): "Telos, spontaneity and creativity in psychodrama as magical ingredients!"
STANICEK, Petr (Czech Republic): Drama-therapy as a part of group therapy of stuttering
THEODOROU, Petros (Greece): Watching my personal film (PSP)
VARGA Péter (Hungary): MOZGÁS-TÉR (MOTION – SPACE) at the borderline of psychodrama and bibliodrama
ZÁM Mária, SZILÁGYI Veronika (Hungary): Drama in the pictures -dramatizing fine art pictures in other words homeopathic devices of drama in exploring the inner world



ANTALFAI, Márta (Hungary): Integrated appearance of symbols attached to personal and collective unconscious interpersonal relations in the complex thematic art therapy based on catharsis experience
BALÁZS, Nelli (Hungary): The therapist's role of handcraft and artistic skills in the relationship with the client
BEKE, László (Hungary): Art Brut
BOCZ, Bea (Hungary): How art becomes therapy at Tündérhegy
BULIK, Csilla (Hungary): Interference and reflection. Team as a catalyst in art therapy
BULIK, Csilla, BOCZ, Bea (Hungary): Mythical creatures in art therapy (dragons, fairies, merpeople, witches, devil, angels etc.)
FALUDY, Judit (Hungary): The History and the New Context of the Sélig Collection from Lipótmező
FORRÓ, Ágnes (Romania): The harmony of the soul in the art therapy works
GEREVICH, József (Hungary): What is the difference? Artist with mental illness and psychiatric patient as art brut artist
GHYCZY, György (Hungary): Marthe’s pictures
GHYCZY, György (Hungary): The patient paints without eyes
GYENES, Zsolt (Hungary): Synchrony - Two Examples of Visual Music
HALDAR, Debaprasad (Ireland): Images and inspiration in life
HARMATTA János (Hungary): Unspeakable pain – Analysis of workshop material
HUSS, Ephrat (Israel): Image Formation and Transformation
JENSER, Márta (Hungary): Activations of archetypes through simple handcraftship techniques in preparation for significant festivities
KISS, Virág (Hungary): Education and therapy through art
KISS, Virág, BALÁZS Katalin (Hungary): Conception of art in art therapy
KOVÁCS, Emese (Hungary): Becoming an artist of art brut: the way from hospital admission to the Budapest Art Brut Gallery
KŐVÁRI, Edit (Hungary): Art and/or unhinged mind
LAY, Ronald (United States of America): Forensic Art Therapy: The Use of Technology to Re-Connect
LIEBHARD, Anna, LIEBHARD, Gernot (Austria): A long treatment process with different art therapeutic elements
MAGYAR, Anikó (Hungary): The cognitive approach of art therapy and its implementation in psychiatric rehabilitation
MARKMAN ZINEMANAS, Daphna (Israel): The additional value of Art Psychotherapy - Visual Symbolization
MÁTRAHÁZI, Tibor, VINCZE, Anett (Hungary): The magic of handycam in the art therapy of deviance kids
MENZEN, Karl-Heinz (Germany): The picture as symptom I: Early expressive art therapy in psychiatry of 19th century
MENZEN, Karl-Heinz (Germany): The picture as symptom II: Expressive art therapy in neurology of today
MENZEN, Karl-Heinz (Germany): The picture as symptom III: Self-Awareness. A History and its Crisis
NAGORNJA, N., GASHKOVA, L., CHUJKO, А. (Ukraine): Technique "draw the dream" as diagnostics and therapy in practice of the pediatrist
ORMEZZANO, Graciela (Brazil): Art education and shamanism in the missions
ORMEZZANO, Graciela, GORETI BAPTISTA BETENCOURT, Maria (Brazil): Art therapy and aesthetic education in a psychosocial attendance center
PLATTHY, István (Hungary): Invoking Inner Vision: The application of an art therapeutic methon that builds upon projective processes at the Csontváry Fine Arts Studio
PLATTHY, István (Hungary): Inherent expressiveness: Contrastive analysis of early childhood drawing development with the emergence of senses of self and ancient images
ROLFF, Hildrun (Germany): Biography and development
SECKER, Jenny (United Kingdom): Promoting mental wellbeing and social inclusion through arts participation - results of a two-year evaluation
SIMON, Lajos (Hungary): Mission, History and Future of Budapest Art Brut Gallery
TARI, Gábor (Hungary): Geometrical Qualities in the Harmony of Colours – The Colour Harmony system “Immocolour”
TARR, Hajnalka (Hungary): Autism and art therapy from the artist's viewpoint



CALABRESE, Roberto, MARCIANO, Gabriele (Italy): Rock Opera: art-therapy between theory, music and narration
CSÁKY-PALLAVICINI, Krisztina, SÁFRÁN, Zsófia, BULIK, Csilla, BOCZ, Bea, HARMATTA, János (Hungary): Interactions. Visualization of psychodrama elements at art therapy workshops
DARQUE, Dominik (France): Essence of the living human beings
FÁBIÁNNÉ HARKÁCSI, Judit (Hungary): Presentation of a complex art therapy method
FERRONE, Anna Maria; OLIVI, Stefano (Italy): Evaluating investigation of sound reception
GASHKOVA, Lyudmyla, BABJUK, I., SHULZ, O., ABDRJAHIMOVA, Z. (Ukraine): Arts Therapy at doctors of psychiatrists with professional "Burnout"
HUSS, Ephrat (Israel): "It's hard to be the child of a fish and of a butterfly"
KISS, Tibor Cece (Hungary): Integral Expression and Dance Therapy – a German-Hungarian way of Expressive Arts Therapy
KLEIN, Izabella (Hungary): Introducing expressive arts therapy in Hungary
KOMÁROMI, Erzsébet Katalin (Hungary): I'm dreaming of ink in many colours'
MORENO, Joseph (United States of America): Sources of the Creative Arts Therapies, Music, Art, Dance and Drama in the Indigenous Healing Traditions of the World
PAP, Erika, KOMÁROMI, Erzsébet, HERCZEG, Ilona (Hungary):  The method of six pictures in the complex work performed with psychotic children
PHILIPPINI, Angela (Brazil): A Healing Alliance
POLTRUM, Martin, SCHEIBENBOGEN, Oliver (Austria): Orpheus Programme
SARKADY, Kamilla, MARLOK, Zsuzsa (Hungary): Dramatic adaptation levels of works of fine art



BOZORI, Gabriella (Hungary): Equine Assisted Learning
 EDVI, Péter (Hungary), HOLZMÜLLER, Peter (Germany), BOZORI, Gabriella (Hungary): Within five years, from a collective learning system to a state-accredited modular education program

ERŐS, Ágnes (Hungary): Examination on efficacy of hippotherapy on walking abilities of children with cerebral palsy, using Ariel Performance Analysis System
GERLICZKINÉ SCHÉDER, Veronika (Hungary): Therapeutic Horseback Riding to Treat Communication and Speech Disorders
JÁMBOR, Péter, BOKOR, Árpád, SZALAY, Ferenc, STEFLER, József (Hungary): Comparison of the stride kinematics of the free walk in different hippoterapeutic horses
KARDOS, Edina, BEKE, Szilvia, KURITÁR, Eszter (Hungary): Psychological Effects of Equine-Assisted Therapy Demonstrated By/Through Children’s Drawings
SIPOS, Stella (Hungary): Heart and Hand Foundation -Riding on horseback on the way of integration
SIPOS, Stella, WAGNER, Kinga (Hungary): Genre paintings from the riding school through the „glasses of autism”
SZÜLE, Eszter (Hungary): Possibilities of the therapeutic riding in case of the visually impaired children
WAGNER, Kinga, SIPOS, Stella (Hungary): Riding education in the riding therapy of mentally retarded people
WAGNER, Kinga, SIPOS, Stella, BAUMHAKL, Éva (Hungary): Four seasons in the riding school



BÉRDI, Márk (Hungary): Placebo effects in sports
FERENCZ, László (Hungary): Dolphin Therapy
KOWALD, Anne-Claire (Austria): The experience of therapeutical climbing as a movement based approach in integrative therapy
KURIMAY, Tamás (Hungary): Sport and creativity: characteristics from the view of networks. Family dynamics of top athletes and service user athletes living with mental problems
SZILÁGYI, Simon (Hungary): Sport-therapy in the Department of Crisis Intervention TORNYOSSY, Mária (Hungary): An art therapy method



BÓTA, Ildikó (Hungary): Reflexions in each other
GOODILL, Sharon W. (United States of America): Systems Theory and Dance/Movement Therapy: A Good Fit
KEREKES, József (Hungary): Movement Development Through Dancing and Art Training
NAPSUGÁR, Anna (Hungary): “Singdance” in EletFa Institute for rehabilitation
P. SAJU SJ, George (India): Liturgical Dance in India
SCHOTT-BILLMANN, France (France): Dance-Rhythm Therapy and Unconscious Knowledge



CSERJÉSI, Kinga (Hungary): Libero Canto – a way for singing free
DESZPOT, Gabriella (Hungary): Experiences on the complex personality shaping effects of the Kokas pedagogy
ERŐSS, Rebeka (Hungary): Effects of Music Therapy for youngsters with Psychoses and Other Psychiatric Disorders

FERRONE, Anna Maria; OLIVI, Stefano (Italy): Evaluating investigation of sound reception
HARMAT, László (Hungary): Music and Sleep
KEMENES, Gábor (Hungary): Music therapy in the communities Cenacolo
KIS JENŐNÉ KENESEI, Éva (Hungary): The significance of music in the education of Special Needs students
KÖTELES, György (Hungary): The musical forms of expression of mental crisis situations
MORENO, Joseph (United States of America): Creative Dimensions in Music Therapy
REIKOR, Ildikó, SZKUBÁN, Judit (Hungary): Possible applications of Klára Kokas's methods in the area of therapy.
SCHMIDLIN, Serge (Swiss): Music therapy and high fidelity
STANGRIT, Sergey (Russia): Therapeutic resources of the Kantele - a Karelian-Finnish folk instrument
VARVASOVSZKY, Dóra (Hungary): Short videos on Music Therapy in Practice
VÁSÁRY, Tamás (Hungary): Why can music be also a therapy?


Registration fee
                       BEFORE 30 April 2011                 AFTER 30 April 2011
Participant       375.-EUR /465.-USD                 450.-EUR /560.-USD
Accompanying  80.-EUR /100.-USD                   80.-EUR /100.-USD


Participant’s fee includes
- participation in the Scientific Programmes,
- badge,
- congress documents (Book of abstracts and Proceedings on CD-rom),
- list of participants,
- invitation to the Welcome Reception,
- 8 coffee and refreshment tickets,
- 25 % VAT.

Accompanying Person's Fee Includes
- invitation to the Welcome Reception,
- badge,
- participation in the Budapest sightseeing program.


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